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The Janusz Lugowski engraving art studio has many years of tradition since 1953, and it is located at Skaryszewska 6 lok. U4.

We offer several types of engraving including: artistic, hand, and industrial done by computerized machines. Our customers receive the highest quality engraving produced by professional engravers on state of the art equipment. We specialize in: hunting arms and weapons, gold and silver jewelry, casting of monuments, signage, and logo engraving. In addition we do: date stamps, banking stamps, postage stamps, stock, fillings, medals, and metal stamps (designed by the client or us). We also cut letters out of plexi up to 500 mm. Our hallmarks are good quality and flexible, competitive pricing. We invite our clients to collaborate with us. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.


The range of services we provide

Brass signboards

Engraved signboard applied with colours

Commemorative plates

Stones for lead and aluminum fillings



Stamps for plasticine

Wallflower stamps

Commemorative signs

Locker-room numbers

Other engraving works


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